Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Grand Unveiling

Well I promised a photo of the new look foot and here it is.

On the right side you will see the place where my toe used to reside. I pulled a stitch while still bandaged and it wasn't worth re-stitching so that is slowly healing and I have a pressure sore between 2 of my toes which is also slowly healing. I am starting to feel better and mum has started to take me on walks again which is good. I have had mum home for 2 weeks which has been great but she's back to work tomorrow and I guess will be worried about about what she'll find when she gets home but I will try and be good (not my fault I'm a walking accident, honestly it isn't).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gone But Not Forgotten

Well the deed has been done and the toe has gone to it's resting place in the sky. Last Friday was operation day and apparently all went really well except now I will be picked on by all the other hounds who still have all their digits.

I'm having a holiday at Grandma and Grandpa's while I'm recovering because Mum apparently doesn't trust me to not chew off the bandages while she's at work (I swear she has a mind like an elephant and never forgets my previous transgressions).

I will post a photo of my new look foot once I get home to the camera and all the bandages come off.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Off with theToe

I know it's been ages but I'm slack.

Well the ongoing toe saga has been ongoing again and it did heal for a bit (2 weeks to be exact) and then a small split appeared and it's been leaking, healing, leaking etc ever since. Mum took me back to the vet we originally saw (he's been away for a couple of months) and they have decided to take the toe off. Now it's quite easy for them to make this decision however me who has to live with this decision was not even consulted, I mean how rude can you possibly get.

Mum has tried to justify it by saying I will feel better and won't limp as much but I think really she is only being selfish and thinking of her own feelings and bank balance. So this Friday I lose a toe and have to go back to grandma and grandpa next week to make sure I don't chew the bandages off.

I guess one good thing is that hopefully this will solve one of mum's problems for the year. As she says bring on 2009 and good riddance to 2008!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the Mend - Fingers Crossed

Well it's certainly been a bit of a struggle but I'm finally on the mend (hopefully anyway). Have to go back to the vet on Friday but mum thinks it's looking good and mending really well. Mum's happy cause it looks like I get to keep all my toes. I'm pretty sure she just didn't want to be embarrassed by me in public and that's why she has persevered for so long.

I'm really really really BORED though. I've been cooped up in the house for 2 weeks, haven't been allowed to run and even have the indignity of not being able to go to the toilet in my own yard without mum putting the lead on me and walking me around. I can't wait until I get to go for a walk although I'll probably collapse by the first corner.

I think mum will be happier when I'm given the all clear and she doesn't have to watch me as closely (not my fault I rip off all the bandages, even the elastoplast doesn't stand a chance with me).

Thought I would show you what I looked like with the bandage on a couple of weeks ago. Don't I look so sad and dejected and in need of much attention?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't Speak Too Soon

Well they do say not to speak too soon about bad luck and I obviously did in my last post. Last time if you remember mum had a run of bad luck and I thought it was over but was obviously I was so wrong.

You may remember my fall on the stairs from my last post, well I was just recovering from my injuries when mum came home the other week and I was all bloody and limping. I had decided to run around during the day as you do, and cut open the webbing between 2 toes and also some other deep wounds. It was too late for the normal vet so mum took me off to the after hours vet to make sure it was ok and the lovely vet cleaned me up a bit and wrapped my foot until I could go to my normal vet the next day. My normal vet took one look and said needs stitches so my mum's friday off work (planned to be relaxing) was spent with me being knocked out for foot stitching to take place. I'm now into the third week of recovery and only 2 stitches have been removed and this is the first week that it has stopped weeping (not nice).

Since the accident I've been staying with mum on the weekends and grandma and grandpa during the week to stop me licking the stitches and running around. Mum works long hours and didn't want me cooped up inside all day. I have loved grandma and grandpa's because they have ducted air conditioning and my nights have been toasty warm while mum stays cold at home and I also get thoroughly spoiled as is my due.

The sad thing of the last couple of weeks though is grandpa had another bad spell and was rushed off to hospital again. The great news is that he is home again after worrying everyone silly and looks to be getting slowly better again.

I will hopefully be home again for good this weekend and I promise to spend some time trying to make the last couple of weeks up to mum. I mean it can only make her feel better to spoil me silly right?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bad Luck

They say bad luck comes in 3's and I think mum has had hers for a while. I started the ball rolling by having my eye turn red and start to swell up. Long story short I ended up needing an operation to cut some stuff out and mum was thoughtful enough to throw in a teeth clean at the same time. Mum worries about me getting knocked out as last time I had a couple of issues after the operation but luckily all was good this time.

Next bad luck was grandad collapsed and had to be taken to hospital so I went to Aunty M's for a sleepover as mum wasn't sure how long she'd be. Grandad is ok, still not feeling 100% but hopefully will get better soon.

Third and hopefully final bad luck was me again. Being in a rush went too quickly up the stairs and fell off (do not laugh). Except for a bruised ego, no major damage done just a couple of cuts and one really sore cut and bruise on my leg. Mum's been trying to keep it clean so it will heal but doesn't like me licking it constantly until it starts bleeding again. Thanks to Aunty A, mum has been putting some yucky tasting cream on the scratch and it finally looks to be healing.

Mum's had a tough couple of emotional weeks but I'm doing my best to make her smile and keep her spirits up (apparently farting as you walk down each step is amusing). The photo below shows how one of the many ways I keep mum amused and of course the tongue is only for mum's benefit.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Back

I know I know, really really slack of me this year but mum has been really busy and even though I'm extremely talented I can't seem to turn this damn computer on by myself. To update you on the year so far, mum has been renovating the bathroom so the last couple of months have been spent by her spending all her spare time shopping for bathroom stuff or doing stuff most people would pay others to do. I don't mind her doing stuff but jees you'd think I could get some more attention during the whole process. The bathroom is now finished (except for a door and some minor things) so mum now has more time to spend on me, and about time too I say. I've thrown in a photo just so you remember what I look like (pretty cute if I do say so myself).

This is me on the new bed mum got me however I personally think it's a guilt gift so at the moment I'm pretending not to like it. Thought that would work well but mum seems to enjoy it for her afternoon naps so may have to work on another strategy.